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It was a brain jump for us to get into doing online fundraising events, and now it feels like we have to do another brain jump going back to in-person events. Raisin as a fundraising platform has enabled The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation to run our various events effectively for over 14 years. Use built-in communication tools to form connections with your donors through email, text messages, personal videos, and direct mail. Personalize your communications by pulling donor data directly from your database to segment supporters and create more effective messages.
Common marketing channels include direct mail, email, and social media. If your donors respond best to direct mail, you can still send out pamphlets, postcards, or fliers directing recipients to your online fundraiser. We also offer the tech support you need to make sure that your online fundraising campaign goes off without a hitch. There have been some concerns about PayPal’s fundraiser platform and reports that funds do not always reach the charity. However, it is mostly a reliable platform that integrates well and is easy to set up via the PayPal app.
Choose a category, like famous films, urban legends, all things ‘80s, or Texas trivia. Or, keep it a general grab-bag of familiar facts — you know your audience best. Make sure questions get harder as play progresses to reward your avid contenders. Today, the average person could have anywhere from 600 or 6,000 pictures on their smartphone alone. Odds are there are some hilarious, heartwarming, and beautiful pictures that would be perfect for a photo contest fundraiser. The penny drive is an oldie but a goodie for school fundraising and youth projects.
Make a difference with these 17 inexpensive or free fundraising ideas. Check out our comprehensive list to keep your fundraising campaigns fun and fresh for all of your donors. Aside from the necessity of virtual fundraising due to the pandemic, there are plenty of other bonuses to fundraising online.
In Cheap Fundraising Ideas , this fundraising site lets you sell a portion of your start-up to investors in exchange for financial backing. Many classrooms need materials and supplies, and that’s where DonorsChose comes into play. This platform lets public school teachers create classroom campaigns to receive financial support for resources and projects. For example, some teachers request headphones funding so their students can enjoy quiet time, while others are looking for help covering the cost of STEM activities. A tactful multi-channel strategy is key to attaining maximum engagement with your online fundraising. Choose 2-3 tactics that work best for your team and your mission, and use those to anchor your strategy.
99Pledges fundraising platform allows your school or classroom to easily set up a fundraiser, with each participant getting their own donation page. You can then easily share donation pages, collect donations online, and track your progress toward your goal. If growing your business is a priority and your business or organization wants more eyes on your fundraising initiatives, it’s time to leverage mobile marketing into your communication strategy. At EZ Texting, our SMS platform lets you connect with individuals who can raise money for your cause.