How To Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work

Easily broken and hard to mend, trust is a fragile component to any relationship . While spending every waking minute together is clearly not possible , it’s necessary to discuss what might happen when insecurities and jealous thoughts pop in. If he’s grabbing a drink at the bar with the boys or she’s going out dancing with friends and won’t check her phone often, staying cool as a cucumber isn’t always the easiest thing to do. But there are some things that communication technologies are unable to overcome. Physical touch can’t be replicated through a screen, though the 14 people in long-distance relationships who were interviewed for the 2011 study certainly tried to.
As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder—and who doesn’t want to hear that they’re valued and missed? “Use the fuel of longing that a long-distance relationship generates,” Page says. Another way to keep the excitement alive is to prioritize surprises, big or small! You could have a gift sent to them, Page suggests, for example, or perhaps even surprise them with a carefully orchestrated visit.
But, with hindsight comes nuance, and I’ve come to realize that the long-distance relationship actually has some serious positives. I spent those years effectively having not one, but two hometowns. I came to love New Orleans, almost as much as I would if I’d been living there. I knew when to go where for live music ; I watched the Krewe du Vieux floats and understood inside jokes poking fun at city politicians. I joined a handful of Second Lines, and complained vocally about Bourbon Street just like a local.
Your story has given me confidence about the possibility of having a successful international relationship. It’s hard, sure, but talking on the phone every night and planning to meet up every 3-4 months on a 2 week trip became our new normal. There will absolutely be negativity, which you’ve obviously already experienced, but a steely mindset will get you through. If it’s coming from family and friends it’s generally because they don’t understand and people are often skeptical of what they don’t understand. You could decide upon meeting that it’s not for you, or you could fall madly in love even more than you already are and know that all of the work to keep the relationship alive is 100% worth it. I think you do need to meet physically to really, truly know though.
But if porn malay is amazing then you need to take the risk. My biggest advice would be to not settle for ordinary. Getting back with your ex is definitely the easy path. But sometimes the harder path reaps far greater rewards. My best advice would be to do everything you can to assure her that you do think it’s worthwhile and you do think she is worthwhile, and you hope that she feels the same way.